Excellent presentation skills and a positive media profile are essential for all companies and organisations. Judith Hann, offers a unique combination of experience at the highest level both on the screen and in the newsroom, knowing:

  • how and why editors decide what makes a story newsworthy
  • how to present those stories

The media awareness courses will teach you how to communicate effectively on television, radio and in newspapers by practical exercises and advice on how to present your key messages. Interviews are all recorded by an experienced crew who have spent their careers with BBC TV News. You will take part in

  • one to one interviews to familiarise you with what happens in a TV studio or when a film crew comes to you
  • two-way, or remote, interviews where the interviewer is in a different location from the interviewee
  • tough questioning to prepare you for the rigours of the Today programme and Newsnight.

Presentation skills courses teach how to prepare the key message and how to put it across effectively to your colleagues, potential clients, international conferences and the general public. You will deliver a talk which you have prepared and will learn the pitfalls that can trip up the unwary at a busy conference. There will also be sessions on leading panel discussions and handling Q and A.